Erazno y La Chokolata

Erazno y La Chokolata, is the afternoon version of Saturday Night Live, it’s a variety
show for listeners of all ages. Here is its cast of characters:

  • La Chokolata runs the show and is a self-proclaimed “diva” who is always maintaining that she’s not “Naca” and loves to put Erazno in his place.
  • Erazno is a wannabe “Luchador (Mexican Wrestler) who leads the rest of the crew in outrageous skits, parodies and news delivered like never before.
  • Los Super Amigos, is a parody of two of the biggest Mexican mariachi artists, Vicente Fernandez and Antonio Aguilar, and their goofy adventures together.

In the last hour of the show, Chokolata and Doctor Elvia Contreras answer all of the audience’s health and love questions.
The most exciting segment is El Chokolatazo, and that’s when Choko intervenes in a relationship where cheatings may be involved. Audience members reach out to Choko to test out their partners fidelity using a free gift to send to a loved one… is it
the wife or the other woman? The pool guy or the husband… el Chokolatazo finds out!

Erazno y La Chokolata is the only show that can hilariously deliver the interaction of all these crazy characters while performing parodies of famous Mexican figures such as Vicente “Chente” Fox (Mexico’s ex president) and “El Doggie”, a famous sports
commentator from Mexico.
Catch Erazno y la Chokolata every afternoon from 4p – 8p on La Nueva! Watch all of their hilarious antics at

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